What Carpet Cleaning Method Should I Choose?

You will always be in need of a thorough carpet cleaning even though you’ve made a great effort to clean it yourself, yet dirt and grime has still continued to build up. However, it can be confusing to determine exactly which particular carpet cleaning method is the best for you to choose.

Two extremely popular methods are dry cleaning and steam cleaning, and each one has its own distinct advantages.carpet cleaning tools

Steam Cleaning is not Chemical-Free

It has long been suggested that actual steam can be used to clean carpets; however, this is actually not the case. Both home and commercial steam cleaning machines use hot water, which is what gives off the steam, but the steam itself is not what cleans the carpet. Rather, the machine sprays a form of detergent onto the carpet, which is then activated by the hot water. After this, a wet-vac is then used to suck up the majority of the water, while the rest of the carpet is left to air dry.

There are many homeowners who choose to have their carpets steam cleaned due to concerns over the chemicals used in dry cleaning affecting both the environment and their overall health. The only way to truly clean a carpet without using chemicals is to vacuum it. Even plain water itself is technically a chemical compound. However, there are some carpet cleaning companies who will be able to clean your carpets without using any kind of chemicals if you ask them to and if they have the products to do so. This will not only ensure your health is safe, but it will also ensure that your carpets are not damaged in any way.

Renting Steam Cleaners Means Waiting Longer

In terms of steam cleaners, you can either purchase one outright or rent one. Models that are rented require hot tap water in order to work right; however, models that are rented from either a grocery or hardware store generally come with some sort of heating element.

These work by placing a specific cleaning solution inside the machine itself before slowly moving it over the entire carpet. As you are moving the machine, it will such up and dump out the water. Once the carpet has been cleaned, you will need to allow it to dry for 12 to 24 hours, meaning you will need to avoid walking on them during this time.

Carpets Dry Quicker with Professional Steam Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning companies will also steam clean your carpets for you, as they use machines that are more powerful. They also spray more detergent and suck up more water, as well as cause the carpets to take much less time to dry.

Depending on the overall size of the room and the location in which you live, costs for this kind of service can vary.

This is also the case with mattress cleaning and you can find a lot more information on that if you visit http://questclean.ca/mattress-cleaning/, one of our trusted carpet cleaning consultants.

Dry Cleaning Equals Less Waiting

Dry cleaning uses cleaning solvents and/or chemical compounds, which will break down any dirt, soil, grime, etc. that they touch on carpets. However, the name of this method is considered to be rather misleading due to the fact that all professionals use a small amount of moisture to help complement all of the dry compounds that are used.

The only real advantage of this kind of service is that once the process has been completed, the floors can be used again almost instantly.

Pros and Cons

If you are still trying to determine which particular method to use for cleaning your carpets, here are some basic pros and cons of both steam cleaning and dry cleaning:

*When you steam clean your carpet on your own, you will only need a rented machine, detergent, and hot water; however, once you finish, you will have to wait between 12 and 24 hours before you can walk on your carpets again once the process is finished.

*Once steam cleaning is finished, ground-in stains tend to reappear after a few days. While commercial solutions can remove some of them, there are some stains that either require more than one treatment or simply cannot be removed at all.

*Dry cleaning requires no drying time and effective cleaning thanks to both a great application solution and chemical agents.

*Dry cleaning chemicals are considered to be rather harsh, which means that homeowners are encouraged to speak to a company that they are thinking of hiring about all of the products that they use, as well as any odors that they may have.

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